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Intercosma West has its headoffice, production plant and offices in Genoa, Via Luigi Canepa, 2.

The new factory expands on a covered surface of over 15,000 sqm.

Founded 40 years ago, Intercosma mainly deals with cosmetics and perfumes production and trade. Intercosma West SpA owes its success to historic brands of undisputed glamour and prestige, such as:

  • Acqua di Genova: eau de cologne, whose ancient original recipe dates back to 1853
  • Zasmin: old and prestigious basic name in the history and evolution of Italian dermocosmetics
  • Sergio Soldano: Italian stylist whose brand is marking various perfume and cosmetics lines with international recognition

Other griffes have been added in the years, determining a continuous growth on the market: Bozzini, Mimmina and the brands Alabama, Verdiana and Cappuccetto Rosso, Hascish.

Intercosma West is active on national and international markets.